Survey, "Do we need to have gym class?"

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My Infographic about summer:

Christmas in Paradise by Caitlin and Lauren:

Pano Perspective Homework: I thought this homework was really cool because I have never used the pano on my iPhone and it was cool to see three of myself in different positions. It was also cool to do the perspective one with Anna. It looks like her foot is holding me up which is pretty cool. This homework has taught me how to use pano and use different perspectives to show effects.

Leading Lines Homework: This homework has showed me that leading lines helps viewers of photography go to the focus subject. In my backpack photo the floor of the room helps viewers focus on the subject. The floor was perfect for leading lines because it goes straight to the main topic. The highway picture was perfect for leading lines because the road lines goes straight to the focus subject, the cars. The leading Lines have helped me take photography because it helped the photo have a main focal point.

Adobe Spark video:

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Rule of Thirds Homework: This homework I really enjoyed because I got a different perspective on how to take photos. I went on the ski trip this weekend and took a picture with my friend and realized when doing this assignment that it was using the rule of thirds. When taking pictures the rule of thirds makes it look more appealing and less boring. I took the bottom three in the rule of thirds and it looked so good. Then I was curious and took pictures with the focus object in the middle and realized it was not as visualizing appealing and it was boring. This homework assignment has helped me take photos in a better perspective.

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